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Solar Interaction Wall Lights Outdoor Waterproof

Solar Interaction Wall Lights Outdoor Waterproof

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It gets dark earlier!
With Senso Lights™ you can now create the most optimal view and safety around your home1  PCS →89,900USH

1  PC→89,900 USH
2  PCS→139,900 USH

Illuminate all the places around your house in no time!

From backyard, driveway, front door, path and barn to the backside of your camper or caravan etc. Super easy to install wherever you want.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

"Beautiful and bright light. I've tried 2 other models and the wide-angle beam of the Senso Lights is better than other brands.
Richard G.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 


"I bought 4 Senso Lights last year for above the garage gate, front door, back door and in the back of the path. Now I can see clearly in the evening when I walk there. Fantastic!"

Beatrice M.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 


"Once in use, I was amazed at how bright they shine. The nice thing is that they are 3 different settings and last a long time. They are now over 1.5 years old and they still do it every day!

Peter S.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Janiya Sanford

It was a good size that packed a lot of brightness for a solar lighting.

Boris Huel

At the top! Lighting at the top, low light system to let light in the garden and motion detections stronger light! Value for money I really recommend.

Kaela Rohan

"Never such a simple product could have such complete efficiency. I strongly recommend your purchase. Several positions culminating in a position sensor that detects movement at a considerable distance.
Very comfortable in mounting, solar lamps provide a surprising and durable light. There is a possibility to increase or reduce the intensity of these. You can also keep the light fixed by avoiding the use of the sensor.
Pleasantly surprised, I can think of a lot of places in daily life where I can place them. Excellent purchase."

Bailee Sporer

"I wanted it for the front door in town. At night it's dark and I thought it was a bit cumbersome to pull out a wire. I also use it in the garden and I'm cool with the positions you have, usually I let it go active by movement, but if we dine there or we'll be a good time, I He had others that had no fixed position and this is an advantage.
It's not giant, little bigger than the switch but it gives very good light. It loads even through the rope awning, although of course, it's not on all night. The sensor works very well, as when The awning is moved with the air it also turns on.
I'm very happy with the purchase."

Tad Fritsch

"Perfect LED light for front and back garden, it comes with very fast delivery. I was a bit unexpected with the small size initially, but i changed my mind soon as I have light it up, it super bright!!! 100 LEDs with this unique design gives good wide-angle coverage.

Simple installation with 2 screws only, the sensor motion detection is also very active, always one step ahead of me, even i mounted it on higher, the front light gives huge support when I drive back home and revers to the garage.
with solar-powered, really save the effort for cabling and the battery life is also durable as these days are rainy and dark.

Overall, it really does the job as described, I would give this as 5 stars without a doubt."